Afghan OG Kush Strain UK

Afghan OG Kush Strain UK


Indica                    THC: 21%,    CBD: 6%


Afghan OG Kush Strain UK

Buy Afghan OG Kush Strain UK. The Afghani OG marijuana strain by Apothecary Genetics is a nearly pure Indica dominant hybrid. It grows very dense and resinous flowers.

It has all the characteristics of a classic Indica and is the ultimate relaxation strain. it’s a fantastic recreational and medicinal choice. Can treat muscle tension and pain. Best for evening usage.

Afghan OG weed is also known as “Afghan Kush,”. A 100% pure indica strain native to the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan. With a potent 21% average THC level and CBD level that hits about 6% on average. Afghan OG is one highly medicinal strain that doesn’t skimp on the effects either.

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