CBG-Delta 8 UK Infused Blunt

CBG-Delta 8 UK Infused Blunt



CBG-Delta 8 UK Infused Blunt

Buy CBG-Delta 8 UK Infused Blunt Online. Our CBG-Delta 8 infused flower, rolled to perfection in an organic tea-leaf blunt wrap. Sweet and sour aromas are complemented by hints of vanilla and honey. This slow, smooth burning pre-roll will provide relief, relaxation, and a unique flavor.

  • Single 1.5 gram Blunt
  • 100% Organic CBD Hemp Flower, rolled in organic tea leaf wrap
  • No Trim, no shake, 100% premium indoor trimmed flower buds
  • No additives, Lab Tested to Ensure Quality
  • Comes in Premium, Discreet, Glass Tube + craft box
  • Food-Grade seal for ultimate preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids


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