Liquid Flower UK Cannabis Deep Relief Topical

Liquid Flower UK Cannabis Deep Relief Topical



Liquid Flower UK Cannabis Deep Relief Topical

Buy Liquid Flower UK Cannabis Deep Relief Topical Online. Deep Relief is a full spectrum, highly bioavailable THCa-dominant balm for pain relief and anti-inflammation without psychoactive effects.

Liquid Flower Deep Relief is a potent and fast-acting topical ideal for those with serious pain, inflammation, and skincare issues. Do you suffer from muscle, tendon, organ, or nerve pain? You can apply Liquid Flower topically and it will sink deep, penetrating the dermal layers thanks to the transdermal shea butter and other active ingredients.

Users report Deep Relief works where other cannabis topicals didn’t: slipped disk pain, menstrual cramps, fibroid pain, long-covid pain, and numbness.

It’s made with high-quality, nature-made ingredients including a double dose of whole-plant cannabis, analgesic clove oil, and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

Additionally, you can use it for skincare: eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, minor burns, scars, puffiness, poison oak, and more have all shown to benefit from Deep Relief.

You will notice the comforting, chocolate spice scent doesn’t leave you smelling like cannabis or medicine. Liquid Flower lasts far longer than lotion-based products and costs a fraction of the price/mg of the average topical.



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