Mango Diesel DIME Cartridge UK 1000mg

Mango Diesel DIME Cartridge UK 1000mg



Mango Diesel DIME Cartridge UK 1000mg

Buy Mango Diesel DIME Cartridge UK 1000mg Online. This flavor profile is a combination of Sour Diesel, crossed with Mango, giving an energetic buzz.
The combination of sweet mango and tropical flavors makes this flavor profile, unlike anything you’ve tasted.
Able to calm the nerves while giving a boost of creative energy, it’s great for focusing on projects.

Our freshest drop is guaranteed to be a new favorite addition to your collection. Mango Diesel is available at licensed Dime Industries retailers.

Genetics: Mango x Sour Diesel
Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Focused
Prevalent Terpenes: Terpenolol Beta-Caryophyllene

All of our natural, cannabis-derived terpene blends are specifically formulated to deliver the best healing experience unique to each of your favorite strains.
All of our cartridges are hand-filled with special care from our production team, ensuring consistency and quality. Then they go through a 7-day steeping cycle to ensure the best hit.


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