Ultimate Medley PHO Sugar Wax UK

Ultimate Medley PHO Sugar Wax UK


THC Level 76 %


Ultimate Medley PHO Sugar Wax UK

Buy Ultimate Medley PHO Sugar Wax UK. This PHO wax is a sugar wax from an organic, local Bellingham company, and comes in a glass container with a screw-top lid for easy use. The medley is a blend of several different delicious strains. Heavy Duty Fruity, XJ13, Grapefruit, OG Kush, and MK Ultra, resulting in a deliciously terpy flavor testing at over 7% total terpenes,  accompanied by gentle hybrid, euphoric effects.

Product type: Concentrates UK
Cannabis Type: Sativa/Sativa dominant hybrid
Grower: Cannabis King Gardens
Grow Type: Indoor
Organic: yes
Geographic Origin: Bellingham


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