Wedding Cake Live Resin Sauce UK

Wedding Cake Live Resin Sauce UK



Wedding Cake Live Resin Sauce UK

Buy Wedding Cake Live Resin Sauce UK Online. GORILLA GLUE / HYBRID

· Taste: Diesel, Pine, Chocolate
· Feeling: Focused, Creative, Happy.

This heavy-hitting hybrid is ideal for day or nighttime use.
Live Resin Creative Diesel Earthy Focused GG4 Happy Hybrid Pine Relaxed Sleepy THC Woody
More about this strain: GG4

Gorilla Glue or GG4, which is now called “Original Glue” due to the adhesive company’s license of the name, is an aromatic indica-dominant hybrid that originated in Nevada.
GG Strains breeder Joesy Whales decided to call this strain “Gorilla Glue” because of how sticky the bud’s resin was – while trimming the plant, everything stuck to his fingers and scissors like the powerful adhesive.


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